Cary S. Krosinsky

Lecturer, advisor and author of seven books seeking to accelerate sustainability within finance.

Assisted in the creation of PRI in 2005 following careers in computer science and global institutional investment analysis. Member of management at formerly independent specialists Trucost, CapitalBridge and Technimetrics.

Co-founder/Director of the Carbon Tracker Initiative and its parent Investor Watch. Advisor in other capacities including for leading global fund managers and Sustainability Advisor to The Metals Company.

Co-Founder of the Sustainable Finance Institute (SFI) (, which hosted The Future of Sustainable Finance in China conference at Peking University in 2019, launched the US China Better Relations Coalition (UCBRC) and the Certified Sustainable Financial Analyst (CSFA) designation in 2020 and projects in 2021 include developing the clean energy theme for the GIIN's IRIS+ and building a better ESG framework for a major index provider in Asia.

Lecturer and Faculty Advisory Committee Member, Energy Studies, Yale College as well as Yale College Seminars and Sustainable Finance classes at the Yale School of Management. Teaching seasonally at NYU, Concordia in Montreal and for the Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki, and advise on World Bank sponsored projects at SIPA, most recently on a Nature 100+.

Since 2016 teaching the Theory and Practice of Sustainable Investing at Brown University which helped create and support Brown University's sustainability efforts within its endowment.

Member, NYS Common Retirement Fund Decarbonization Advisory Panel whose recommendations informed the leading fund's June 2019 Climate Action Plan, including my suggestion of minimum standards being implemented across sectors. Minimum standards remain an ideal strategy for bringing together passive investors with divestment and engagement advocates for the achievement of common goals.

His seven books include Sustainable Investing: Revolutions in Theory and Practice w/ Sophie Purdom on the dual sustainability/business case paradigm, originally featured in Sustainable Investing: The Art of Long Term Performance w/ Nick Robins. Sustainable Innovation and Impact offers a system of solutions to the world's sustainability challenges. Other papers include for NYU on Investing in the SDGs in New York City, for the PRI on Climate Change Asset Owner Strategy and on the Value of Everything for the UNEP Inquiry.